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V.I.C Entertainment Productions Launching 4th August
Titles Load everyday
Just note: the songs i'll put on this site are legal
and with the right permission and rights to be able to create them.
All Royalties paid through Apra/Amcos
All Sound recordings produced by myself and my team

Supported by Many Operators and Musicians

Aim is to get New Zealand and Australia music out there and concentrating on songs that aren't on Karaoke yet
Will be promoting different Ethnic Groups ie, Maori, Samoan, Niue, Tongan etc
Will start in New Zealand then branch to Australia
when Apra License comes through

My form of Karaoke Tracks has the Operator in Mind
No Politics
No dramas
As long as you are faithful in not reselling, Sharing or giving away

Track listing on the Store page

The Songs with Hikaiti Witika by them are my own renditions of those songs